משרד עורכי דין עוזי עמית-כהן

Areas of expertise

Law Firm Uzi Amit-Kohn has worked for many years mainly in the fields of tort law, insurance and litigation (representation in court) in commercial and civil cases:
  • Tort Law - Representation of Casualties in Road Accidents, Work Accidents, Other Accidents and Medical Malpractice and Representation of Insureds in Disputes with Insurance Companies.
  • Commercial law - Representation of companies, business owners and individuals in litigations in courts in connection with business or other disputes.
  • Real Estate and other contracts - Representation of real estate transactions and commercial transactions and drafting contracts in Hebrew and English, including contracts for international transactions.
  • Notary Services - Adv. Amit Cohen is also a notary and provides his clients with notary services.
  • Litigation - Adv. Amit-Cohen has appeared in Israeli courts at all levels, including the Supreme Court, and even participated in discussions in various committees of the Knesset
Law firm Uzi Amit-Kohn is at your service. For more details and to set up a meeting, you are invited to contact the office.
Claims against insurance companies
Torts and Accident Law