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About us

Uzi Amit-Kohn
Uzi Amit-Kohn, Advocate is a veteran lawyer, dealing primarily in the fields of Tort Law, Insurance Law and Commercial and Civil Litigation. Uzi Amit-Kohn's law practice includes representation of persons injured in road traffic accidents, work related accidents and other accidents and in cases of medical malpractice and representation of insurance policy holders in disputes with insurance companies. Additionally, Uzi Amit-Kohn represents companies, business owners and private individuals in commercial, business and other litigations. Advocate Amit-Kohn also deals with real estate and commercial transactions and the drafting of contracts in both Hebrew and English, including international transactions. Advocate Uzi Amit-Kohn is also a Notary and provides his clients with notarization services.
Uzi Amit-Kohn, Advocate is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel for Justice Shoshana Netanyahu. While studying law he also worked as a research assistant and participated in research and editing projects for various professors including for Supreme Court Justice (later Chief Justice) Meir Shamgar.

Professional Experience

Uzi Amit-Kohn has been a lawyer since 1984 and has been in private practice since 1992. He is a Major (reserves) in the International Law Section of the IDF Military Advocate General's Command. During his military service in the International Law Section, Advocate Uzi Amit-Kohn provided legal counsel concerning International Law to the IDF and to government ministries, participated in the negotiation and drafting of international agreements and participated in the legal teams which prepared the government's defense in over one hundred petitions to the Israeli Supreme Court.

Among the positions filled by Uzi Amit Kohn, he served as the legal advisor to one of the Israeli delegations to the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority within the framework of the Oslo Agreements and has served as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Israel Bar Association.

A Notable Achievement

Among Advocate Uzi Amit-Kohn's major achievements was the representation (in collaboration with a number of other law firms) of over 200 families whose homes were impacted by the approval of the Menachem Begin Highway in Jerusalem, in a lawsuit for compensation for loss of property value of their homes. When the lawsuit was first filed in 1996 it represented the first collective lawsuit in Israeli history, seeking damages for loss of homeowners' property value as a result of a large planning and zoning project. The case concluded, after a long legal struggle that went as high as the Supreme Court, with the payment of tens of millions of shekels in compensation to Uzi Amit-Kohn's clients, and with the establishment of a precedent which paved the way for numerous new collective lawsuits of the same type which have been filed since then throughout Israel

Litigation at all Levels

Uzi Amit-Kohn appears in the Israeli courts at all levels including the Supreme Court and has appeared in Knesset Committee hearings as well. Together with Renato Jarach, he co-authored the book "Israel, the Intifada and the Rule of Law" (Tel-Aviv, 1993) which examined the IDF and Israel's attempts to deal with the first Intifada, in light of the rules of Public International Law. He has also published various articles concerning foreign policy in The Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, including his article "Another Look at the Lockerbie Case: The Privatization of Foreign Policy" (Volume 3, Number 3).

A Personal Approach and Professional Treatment

Uzi Amit-Kohn's law firm is characterized by a direct and ongoing connection with the client and individual treatment of the client's affairs. He believes in a personal approach to the client and a high level of professionalism in dealing with the client's legal issues.

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